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Al-Majdal lies in the middle of the western shore of Lake Tiberias, about 5 km north of the city of Tabariyya, with its lands extending to the lake. Nothing remained of the village except this part of a Crusader fortress and a shrine known as "the Shrine of Sheikh Mohammad Al-3ajami". The village lands are now occupied by the Jewish settlement Migdal.
The Shrine of Sheikh Mohammad Al-3ajami.
Al-Majdal is the home village of Maria Magdalene. In the time of Jesus Al-Majdal was a small village and remained so until it was demolished after its fall in the hands of the Jewish forces in April 22, 1948. Its evicted inhabitants were not more than 420.
The Shrine of Sheikh Mohammad Al-3ajami
Entering the Shrine of Sheikh Al-3ajami.
The shrine was abandoned and neglected until followers of The Islamic Movement in the country volunteered to clean and renovate it. The shrine lies to the left of the main road coming from Safad and Al-Tabgha to Tabariyya, and by the edge of beach owned by and Israeli company.
Entering the Shrine of Sheikh Al-3ajami
Al-Majdal was also known as Tericheae from the Greek word “terichos” which means "salted fish". It is also known that fishermen disciples of Jesus often sailed into Al-Majdal with their catch to be salted for shipment. Al-Majdal was the most important city around Lake Tiberias until Herod built Tiberias about 20 B.C.
The Tomb of Sheikh Mohammad Al-3ajami